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    There is no doubt that FIFA has the absolute leadership of the generation. The purchasing ratio has shot up in favor of the Americans who, for five years, seem to have no rival in the ball on the feet at a commercial level. From what we have seen in the EA Play 2018 we draw several conclusions, the first being that the inclusion of the UEFA Champions League has been a foreseeable but not less effective move, an added value for a title that was already oversubscribed...


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    If you currently have FIFA 18 you will be fully aware of the problems that have been most accused in your defensive system, impossible to stop centers or crossed shots. It is still hasty to say that everything now goes smoothly, but the undeniable fact is that technical improvements come through the eyes. The Frostbite EA looks better than ever, introducing subtle improvements in facial recreation, modeled whole body and movements. Konami is one step ahead in this regard. FIFA 19 UNLIMITED Coins free hack The so-called 50/50 Battle is what EA understands as new situations in attack and defense duels, where elements such as player stats come into play. We notice that the passes are now less precise, require more skill on our part, while the defenses advance better to the strikers.


    Special mention for the finalization system. Now it will not be enough to shoot the ball: we can recalculate its direction if we press that same button at the right moment, making it take a better trajectory, precision and even speed. With this system, we can make it easier for misdirected centers to end up closer to the head of the auctioneer or that a possible kick to the crossbar ends up rubbing the net. We will have news in the crosshead and the blackboard, now with more advanced features for the experts. FIFA 19 German Version hack tool


    We can not forget that the FIFA 19 version of Switch will also have a lot to say. It has been one of the best selling versions last year in countries like the United Kingdom whenever there were promotions, which shows that there is demand for a football product with portable possibilities. The incomprehensible decision not to bring multiplayer online with friends is a sign that we are not merely facing a template update, as happened in PS Vita, but now feels less arcade, has improved in its technical section and has gained in complexity in the situations of the meeting. It is still below the major versions but it is a more complete title. Only El Camino will be missing, but the rest of the modes will be present, including the FIFA Ultimate Team.


    Content: licenses, additions and changes

    In PES 2019 we are left without the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League and the European Super Cup, which are handed over to FIFA 19. The EA will have all the logos, music and markers of the highest European competition.. Konami has responded accordingly by licensing a large number of clubs and leagues. The biggest of the last years, without a doubt. Although we do not have the Spanish and English leagues, on paper the most attractive in the international scene, we have to add to the list the exclusive of the Russian league, although we must add to them the Italian, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Belgian, Argentina, and Scotland, among others. We keep the American International Champions Cup and some legends for MyClub mode like Maradona, Cruyff, Romario, Roberto Carlos, Cafu or Beckham; In addition, there are other legends yet to be confirmed. English will be the cover of the Legend edition of the game.

    On the other hand, if there are no last-minute changes FIFA 19 will keep LaLiga Santander and Liga 1 2 3, the main divisions of England, Calcio with Serie A, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, Dutch Eredivisie, Liga NOS de Portugal, Liga Australian, Austrian League, Belgian, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Japan, Korea, Mexico, United States with the Major Soccer League ... It is unknown if they will finally bring the Chinese League.


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    When do they go on sale?

    As we said, the first to arrive at stores will be PES 2019 , specifically on August 30 on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. The "power of football" is aimed at convincing at the playable level, which is a guarantee; but FIFA 19 , which has more economic and human capital in its hands, will break out on September 29 with the anthem of the orejona as one of its main aces up its sleeve.



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